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New to Tennis?

Get started in a lifetime sport.

Better Grades

Among adolescents who play tennis, 48% reported an average grade of A in school, outpacing athletes in other sports  by 8-15% and non athletes by 23%

For the health of it

Studies show that those who play tennis have stronger bones, better cardiovascular health, and continued brain development.


Tennis outperforms many other sports in the development of positive personality characteristics, like sociability, spontaneity and focus.

Life Lessons

Whether it’s self-discipline, problem solving, teamwork, or how to deal with and overcome mistakes, tennis teaches valuable lessons that can be carried over into all aspects of life.

For the friendships

The friendships you make playing tennis are strong. You’re bound to meet like-minded people seeking to improve their health and challenge themselves every time they step on the court. Tennis friendships make you better.

Self Esteem

Tennis players score higher in vigor, optimism, and self-esteem and lower in anger, confusion, depression, tension, and anxiety than other athletes and non-athletes.

Why play tennis?

What are the benefits?

What you need

A Racket
Tennis Balls
Tennis Shoes

Yep, that's all!

Where can I learn?

You have several options and here are just a few:

Most public facilities in the Atlanta area offer introductory lessons. Click the Public Facilities button above to see a map of the facilities. 

We work with several facilities to offer introductory classes through a program called Tennis Apprentice. With registration, you receive Lessons, a 

racket, USTA Membership and your first league free. Click the Junior Tennis Apprentice button above to see which facilities are registering now.

What do I do after lessons?

After lessons, you can start playing in social and competitive leagues. And we have plenty to choose from. Your instructor can help you to find a team or a league. You can also add your name to our Free Agent database.

We have leagues for everyone, as our leagues are broken down by age and ability level.

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