• Adult League:  The USTA Atlanta Adult League Committee is responsible for 1) Supporting the overall growth of Adult League participation, and 2) Finding avenues to reach new players through beginner programs, adult recreational opportunities and general marketing support.

  • Grievance & Grievance Appeals: The USTA Atlanta Grievance & Grievance Appeals Committees are responsible for duties set forth in the USTA Atlanta Bylaws and Grievance Procedures, including enforcement of the Standards of Conduct and the USTA Atlanta Rules and Regulations, and investigation of all program related complaints. All grievance actions arising out of USTA or USTA Atlanta Adult League Programs and Jr. Team Tennis will be administered according to appropriate League Regulations.

  • Awards, History & Hall of Fame:  The USTA Atlanta Awards Committee is responsible for maintaining our historical record, developing and honoring individuals and organizations that significantly contribute to and serve the game of tennis in the Atlanta are through administering an awards procedure and exploring the possibility of a USTA Atlanta Hall of Fame. 

  • PR & Marketing: The USTA Atlanta Marketing Committee is responsible for developing plans to maximize the promotion of 1) Growth and awareness of tennis in the USTA Atlanta coverage area 2) USTA Atlanta brand awareness and engagement through traditional and non-traditional avenues 3) USTA Atlanta programs and improving the player experience 4) Increase sponsor and other revenue opportunities within the Association. The Committee will continually evaluate marketing opportunities to produce a positive impact on the growth of tennis in the Atlanta Section.  5) Assist in enhancing web site presentations; 6) Serve as an advisory group to determine the most effective means of media and social media usage 7) Developing a effective Communication tool.

  • Growth & Strategic Planning: The USTA Atlanta Growth & Strategic planning is responsible for developing and refining a strategic plan which identifies specific long-term goals and objectives.  Additionally the Committee shall evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the strategic plan, recommend changes to the plan where necessary or advisable and evaluate other issues or opportunities.

  • Human Resources & Oversight: The USTA Atlanta Human Resources Committee is responsible for oversight of personnel and compensation matters of the Association and recommends actions to the Board of Directors for approval and implementation.

  • Junior League: The USTA Atlanta Junior League Committee is responsible for 1) Supporting the overall growth of Junior League participation and 2) Finding avenues to reach new players through beginner programs, junior recreational opportunities and general marketing support.

  • Real Estate: The USTA Atlanta Real Estate Committee is responsible for developing a plan of action in regards to the long term home for the Association, with a short term focus on the current lease expiration in 2018 and the subsequent relocation.

  • Nominating:  The USTA Atlanta Nominating Committee is elected biannually to nominate future officers of the Association. Composition and responsibilities are specified in the USTA Atlanta Bylaws.

  • Volunteer Development: The USTA Atlanta Volunteer Development Committee is responsible for developing a strategy for volunteer recruitment, retention and education.

  • Investments: The USTA Atlanta Investments Committee is responsible for overseeing the investments of the Association and for making recommendations to the Board of Directors on related financial matters.

  • Diversity & Inclusion:  The USTA Atlanta Diversity Committee is responsible for: 1) Developing program awareness, new initiatives and program continuity which will substantially grow minority participation and inclusion in all USTA Atlanta programs and activities; 2) Developing procedures to assess the effectiveness of all USTA Atlanta committee successes in promoting diversity and recruiting minority participants. 

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